Employee Background Check

If you're an employer who is looking to hire new employees, you've probably already realized that this process isn't as simple as it once seemed. You have thousands of applications before you, all with lists of skills and experience that might even outweigh your own. You're overwhelmed and you don't know where to begin. What you do know is that you need to choose people to work for you who are trustworthy. This is why more people are looking into doing an employee background check on each potential employee. You need to weed the good from the bad - and this is an easy way to do so.

The Criminal Employee Background Check

When you have an employee fill out an application to work for you, you might want to add a new box to the piece of paper - Do you submit to an employee background check? In checking this box, you will get permission to perform criminal background checks on your prospective employees. This will help you to find out if they did any hard time or if they are as saintly as they seem. If you really want to test the trustworthiness of your prospective employee, you might also want to ask them to list any past offenses they have committed - then you can compare the two results. But let's be honest here, chances are good everyone has some sort of mishap in their past. This is just a part of being human. What you might want to do before you start throwing resumes and applications away is to create a list of offenses you can live with - and those you can not. Murder might be on the bad list, for example, while tagging might be on the good list (of course, if you're hiring for a gang, these might both be okay with you). You might also want to have a time frame in which past offenses 'count.' After all, most of us did dumb things when we were in our teens, but we wouldn't dream of repeating them now.

The Financial Employee Background Check

A new addition to preemployment screening is the financial employee background check. By checking the finances of your employees, you can look to see just how financially desperate employees are. Now, a sadistic employer might look at the results of these credit checks and want to hire people who are hurting for money. But in the real world, most employers are going to be hesitant to hire people with very bad credit because they might fear stealing and other potential financial troubles.

While the past is often left in the past when it comes to hiring employees, you also need to keep in mind that the past actions of others often dictate their future actions. Chances are good if they've stolen in the past, they might do it again. Again, if this isn't the type of employee you want in your company, an employee background check process might be a good thing to implement.